Where have I been??


Hey everyone sorry I’ve been so lost lately! I don’t know what I was thinking, I think my brain died the last couple months and I didn’t know how to write on my blog anymore. Haha!

I heard that the Hiroshima TV show about our family had aired in Japan and I actually got to see it last night. Even though I couldn’t understand a lot of the Japanese, I could tell that the documentary was well done and very professional. I’m so excited to hear reactions from people in Japan!

We will be coming to Japan at the end of April for Golden Week and will hopefully have two new songs available. One is called “Only in Hawaii” and it is the new 2009 Hawaii Tourism Japan theme song for this year. The other song is called “Voices Sweet” and it is a song we wrote for the Hiroshima documentary. I hope you all will enjoy them!

Other than that, I just can’t wait to go back to Japan!!!!! Last year we got to play golf in Japan and hopefully we can do it again this year sometime (even though I am terrible!).

Well, I will try to write in my blog everyday from now on I promise! Hahaha!
Have a great day and hope to see all of you soon, ALOHA!