Things are heating up!

Hi all …
Well, after a nice and restful ’08 X-mas & New Years, we’re off and running in what looks to be like a very busy 2009! We just completed filming a project for TV Shin Hiroshima which will be aired in Japan towards the end of March. The actual TV schedule can be accessed via our website at This was an amazing experience for me and my family as we visited my mother’s ancestral home right outside of Hiroshima City in the small town of Akiohta-cho. Not only did we meet Nomi (mother’s family name) family members for the very first time, but we were given the privilege of entering our names in the town’s register so we are now part of the Nomi lineage which goes back over 14 generations (recorded)! As Alex sings in the theme song written for the show … “Isn’t it amazing how the world spins around?”
We’re also working on demos for two songs composed for us by a Japanese composer which we hope will be our entree into the Japan contemporary market. I have to say that this is by far the biggest challenge ManoaDNA has faced yet … we’re having to learn everything all over again – new language, music, and market. We’re very excited and motivated, however, and we are going to give it our all!
Meanwhile, here at home we’re still performing every Friday at Lulu’s in Waikiki and will soon open up at the new Kanikapila Bar in the Outrigger Reef on Saturdays. So as you can see, we’ve definitely got our hands full …