Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you all enjoy these upcoming weeks as we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know, here’s the part where you are expecting me to say “it seems like we were just having Christmas!,” but I’m not. We’re looking forward to having a couple of weeks off at the end of this month, gearing up for Christmas. It is a much needed break after a long summer!
Happy Holidays
Anyway, you might not see us around for a couple of weeks, but have no fear we will be back in December. Meanwhile, I will try to get some cool new stuff up on the website. Cross your fingers!


One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Kina Parker 14 years ago

    Hey guys. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and I hope Christmas is just as wonderful – or better. We are starting a new year in 2009 with a President from your stomping grounds and I am ELATED AND PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.
    Mahalo and Aloha from Kansas City, Kansas

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