It’s been a while ….

Aloha everybody!  It’s me, your long lost “DAD” … I apologize for not keeping up with my blog, but things have been so busy the past few months that I haven’t had a chance to bring you guys up to speed on what’s been happening (nah, I was just lazy!).  Actually, Reiko Rogers from FM Sapporo North Wave gave me such grief when Nick & I were doing a radio interview with her down at the Hyatt Waikiki studio, that I knew I had to update my blog ASAP or suffer her wrath!  So anyway, here goes …

The month of August was quite busy for us as we traveled to our favorite destination, Japan, to perform concerts in Sapporo, Nagoya, and Osaka.  This was our first trip to Sapporo, and it was absolutely beautiful there!  The temperatures were in the high 70’s(F) during the day, and the high 60’s(F) in the evenings.  We hung out at Odori Park which is located in the center of the city, and listened to the street entertainers and ate everything in sight.  We even got to tour the Sapporo Beer Museum – but the best part was eating the famous Genghis Khan teppanyaki and drinking a lot of Sapporo Classic!  Oishii!!!  We also had great food in Nagoya (miso katsu, miso ramen, and tebasaki – Alex’s favorite!) and Osaka (ramen and mochi).  I want to thank the Do-Cresc. Corp. for bringing us up … President Eiichi-san, Kazuyo-chan, Aki-san, Akane-chan, Keiko-chan, and the rest of the wonderful staff!

After returning to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, we were off again to Japan to represent Hawaii Tourism Japan in Tokyo, Sapporo, and Hiroshima.  We performed at the JATA World Trade Fair in Tokyo and at the Sapporo Hawaii Festival before going on to Hiroshima to film some footage for next year’s 50th Anniversary of the Hiroshima/Honolulu sister city relationship.  My mother is being featured in this documentary since her mother and father were both from Hiroshima (town of Aki-ohta-cho) before immigrating to Hawaii.  TV Shin-Hiroshima will complete their filming in Hawaii this coming January and they plan to air the special sometime in April.

Since returning to Hawaii a week ago, we’ve been busy working on new projects (our 3rd CD due out sometime next Spring) and performing at Gordon Biersch and Lulu’s Waikiki Surf Club.  I hope we’ll be able to see all you again very soon either here in Hawaii or next year in Japan!



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  1. Alooooooooha Daddy!!!!! I was waiting your blog. hehehe (^-^)Y
    I was so HAPPY to see you at JATA.

    I’m looking forwad to see you again next year.
    Please come to Hiroshima!!!!!!!!