Tour of Japan – Bye bye Japan

Just want to start off by saying I’m super tired right now. We just arrived in Hiroshima after staying in Sapporo for 2 days and Tokyo for 4 days. We will be in Hiroshima till Saturday but have a lot of things to do before we go home. Even though I’m tired, I still am enjoying Japan so much! It’s like the first time I traveled here haha! Of course the great beer and ramen are highlights of this trip, but when we come to Hiroshima we have to eat at an Indian restaurant called Nanak. We were here for 15 minutes and we walked there to eat dinner. Go check it out if you have the chance, the curry is amazing!
This trip is kind of sad for me because we won’t be back for awhile. At this time we have nothing scheduled in Japan till next year :(. It will be nice to be home for awhile, however I will miss Japan and all its people.
I hope that all of you enjoyed our trips to Japan because we enjoyed every performance we’ve done this year! When we come back next year, I promise we’ll have a lot of fun stuff planned…We won’t let you down! Hopefully a new CD will be available also…hint hint…new songs are brewing as we speak…:). If our new CD is like the great Sapporo Classic, it will be AMAZING!!!
Well, I’ll be writing on my blog more and more as I get into the habit of writing so please check back and read! Hopefully we see all of you in Hawaii and hope you come and visit us while you are there. Till next time – a hui hou and malama pono!


  1. Aloooooha! Welcome to Hiroshima!!! (^-^)
    I have never been to Nanak but I know where it is. hehe It’s near my work place. (Hotel)

    Please come to Hiroshima next year again!!

    I really had great time at JATA in Tokyo.
    Thank you for everything! (^-^)Y

  2. Aloha!!!
    Actually…I went to Nanak for Lunch with my friend today!!! (^-^) lol
    Curry was sooooooooo OISHII!!
    I ate Shrimp curry! ONO!!!
    Did you go to eat Ramen? hehehe

    A hui hou.