Hello Hello Hello!

This is Alex reporting from Tokyo in my hotel room bringing you the latest news with Manoa DNA!
It is 6am in the morning and I had a pretty good sleep even though I woke up at 11pm, 4am, and then finally 5am…haha! I’m excited to play at the JATA World Travel Fair today though! We had to skip last years event because we had a concert in Las Vegas so it’s good to be back for JATA. In 2006, when we came to JATA, it was the first time we really got to experience what performing in Japan is all about. Our first CD had just released and we were meeting people who are still our friends today. JATA is a special event for me because it’s kind of like how we got started in Japan.
If you’re in the Tokyo area PLEASE come see us at BIG SITE. We’ll be performing there for the next couple of days so come down and hang out with us, it’ll be fun!
Hope we see all of you soon! A hui hou and malama pono!

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  1. Alooooooha!
    I had great time in Tokyo 2 days with you guys!
    Thank you for great performance at JATA.
    Thank you for everything!!! (^-^)Y

    See you sooooooooon!
    Mahalo and malama pono.