Hot Tokyo, Back Home

Well we are back home now, after a long (hot) trip to Japan. For those that weren’t there, here’s what you missed:

We performed for Nittele TV’s 55th Anniversary show, which wasn’t really a show as it was a festival. This stage was sweet! Sandwiched between the giant Nittele TV building and the Shiseido (makeup) building, they had booths, demonstrations, live shows, music, and of course THIS GUY:

He was the MC for the whole entire show and the hardest working man there. He did everything from MC the shows, to sing the festival theme song, to broadcast live on the radio! He’s my hero.

Anyway, we enjoyed four short shows over two days and were featured twice on Nittele TV’s weather report. Thanks Tokyo! We’ll be back soon!

One Comment

  1. Hi, Mahalo for giving me the Hawaiian breeze at Nittele TV’s 55th Anniversary show.
    I was excited!!!
    Nittele TV’s 55 man is amusing.
    He’s your hero? My HERO is manoa DNA!!!