Arriving in Yokohama!

Aloha Manoa DNA-ers! How’s it hanging?
We just arrived in to Yokohama yesterday and boy is it freaking hot! As soon as i stepped of the plane after our 7 hour flight, it felt like someone had opened a giant oven, and I decided to walk into it. But, after I got my musubi I was fine. When we got to our hotel, I turned on the TV and only BBC or CNN was in english; after listening to an hour or so of bad news, I decided to try and hook up our iPods to the TV. BOOOOM!!!! Our TV exploded….ok it didn’t “explode”, but it stopped working. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I had something else to do, but there was really nothing else to do and the room was silent. The housekeeping man came up to the room and tried to fix it but didnt know what was going on so he had to call in the “Big Man” in the TV fixing business. After we got back from dinner it was all fixed and we could watch The Office or Family Guy in peace.
The group we’re traveling with is going to be very very very fun! I only know this because we’ve traveled with most of them before and have gotten along very well. They are all great musicians and dancers so I’m excited to see the shows coming up.
Well, stay tuned for more from Yokohama, Japan because we’ve only just begun!


  1. It was nice to see you guys again!! I’ve still excited to see your performance. I’m so lucky girl because daddy and you handed over your sweatband to me after your performance. Thank you sooo much!! It’s so hot here in Japan. So please take good care of yourself.

    Mahalo for a great time!! Mari

  2. Alooooha! You guys were soooooo awesome!
    Daddy, Nick and Alex! I love you guys!
    See you in Sep. (^-^)
    I’m going to Tokyo from Hiroshima again!!! hehe TO SEE YOU GUYS! (^_^)Y