4th of July

OK, so my 4th of July weekend wasn’t as patriotic as most people but I had a great time. My brother and I went camping with a bunch of friends on the beach for the whole weekend and just relaxed, partied, slept, ate, drank, jammed music….etc…It was a great break from the musician life. The week before we had had a lot of long gigs and my dad and I came down with some colds too, so by the time I got out to camping, my voice was dead. Then after a good two nights of yelling, drinking, and singing…my voice was goooone!! It was a good thing we had to come back to town on sunday and play a two hour gig for a graduation party!! hahah! All in all the party went really well and I think everyone enjoyed it! Thanks to the Minami family and all their friends for supporting us!
So after this weekend we were all hoping for a little downtime to just relax and recover but we have to get right back to work with practices and gigs and yadayadayada…
All I have left to say is that we have some fun gigs coming up at the zoo and gordon biersch and lulu’s and keiki hula, allllllll before we fly back to japan in 2 weeks! hahah so we have little time to do lots of things! But, i promise i’ll be writing more! I’ve been writing more than the other guys right??? ANd my blogs rarely have anything to do with music though…just about life!
“Welp, see ya later!”


  1. Naoko in Hiroshima!

    Aloooooha Alex!!
    I’m glad that you had great time at camping!

    I’m soooo excited to go to Yokohama on 27!!
    See you sooooooooooon.
    only 18 days…hehe

  2. Hey alex! awesome job yesterday at gordon biersche! it was a ton of fun…and thanks for giving a shoutout to my friend’s grad party.

    Oh, and that was me dancing with my friends to “if i ever”…anyway, thanks for a memorable night! I didn’t get to see the electric guitar on display though…maybe next time…

    oh yeah, and the latest album is awesome! congrats on everything!