As Promised, XterraPlanet EcoAdventures

I told you I would show you the show once it was available, and I did not lie.

As I reported back in April, we shot a segment for XterraPlanet’s EcoAdventure Television program. We went out on a beautiful day and spent some quality time in the water. Thanks again to Chris, Matt & the entire Xterra team for producing this and making us look great.

YouTube Page

I will let you all know the broadcast schedule as soon as we get a heads up. Early indications point to national distribution including Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York!

One Comment

  1. so it was 12:30 a.m here in Utah, and i was flipping through the channels and woah I came upon this ECO show all about hawaii, I thought I was back in da islands watching OC 16 or something. Anyhow, it was really nice to see it, made me miss home. And yah, its showing in Utah. woohoo!