Summer’s Here!!

Aloha everyone!!
Sorry its been so long…i know i know…that’s weak sauce..I’m sorry!
Well the summer has started and i made it through my final exams even though i came back from Japan a couple days before my first one. I pretty much slept until the day before my first exam and then studied the night before and the morning of…oh boy did I do great!! Haha! But all is well because I found out I passed all my classes despite the fact that I missed the whole second half of the semester! You can see why I’m stoked about having a summer break…

Although it’s “summer” for me now, it doesn’t really feel like it because I’m still working hard on all different stuff! I started writing music again and getting all my thoughts down on recordings so if you’re all lucky maybe you’ll get a sneak peak of what’s to come. We’ve also been gigging a lot all around town in Hawaii and we have a bunch of trips coming up this summer to Japan (3 more times) and outer islands. I’m so happy that we’re keeping busy because in this business if you slow down, you won’t survive! I also am looking to find some solo gigs this summer to just get more experience and a little more “dough” to spend this summer.

If any of you have come to see us recently at Gordon Biersch then you’ll know that i bought an electric guitar a month ago and am trying to master it. That has opened a lot of new doors for me when writing and performing my music. It also opened a lot of new doors to new toys i can buy for it…which hurts the wallet if you know what i mean!

All is well here in Manoa and life is good as of now so I’m pretty excited of what’s to come in the next couple of months! Stay tuned and I promise I won’t wait as long to write another post….also, leave a comment if you’re reading this because it makes me feel good to think that someone is reading it…hahah!!

Till next time,

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  1. Alooooha Alex! I’m so glad that you passed all of exams! Omedetou! (^-^)

    See you in Yokohama!!!
    Naoko from Hiroshima