Golden Week recap

Wow … we arrived back in Hawaii yesterday, and boy am I exhausted! The flight from Osaka was quite comfortable since we each had our own row of seats and were able to catch a few hours of restless sleep …

The last two weeks were filled with hard work, good fun, and great food and camaraderie. A big mahalo to musicians Sonny, Kamuela, and Ryan, along with dancers Jackie, Malu, Jimbo, and Ashley for making this trip a blast! Sonny guys are great musicians, and we had some awesome jam sessions, especially the one at the Hiroshima Hawaiian Club dinner! But their best “performance” was during the final set at the Osaka Hawaii Festival – we were supposed to stay on stage after our final song and then everyone was supposed to come out and sing “Hawai’i Aloha”. Well, when Miss Hawaii (Ashley Layfield) was introduced, out came Kamuela blowing a conch followed by Sonny dressed up as Miss Hawaii!! Talk about hilarious! For a moment, the audience (including yours truly) looked stunned & confused then burst out laughing and clapping … I sure hope somebody got photos of this one!

We really enjoyed the audiences in Japan … they were so appreciative and many came to several of our performances. I hope that many of them will eventually come to Hawaii to see us and the other Hawaii musicians & entertainers. My only complaint (besides that rude bellman at the Osaka Nikko Hotel) is that everything is sooo expensive because of the weak dollar. We ate a lot of ramen and katsu, which were cheap, plentiful, and very, very ono … and oh yeah, lots of Japanese “beeru” and chu-hai! While in Tokyo, Alex even found his beloved Yama-chan restaurant which served their signature fried chicken wings – so good!


  1. Jill Lachapelle

    What a pleasure to meet you all at LuLu’s on Friday May 9th. We are back in Comox, British Columbia in the rain and cold, wishing we were still in Hawaii. It’s supposed to warm up for the weekend. We are enjoying your c.d. and I’ve been dancing to it in the living room with the kids.

    Mahalo for a great evening and see you again some time! Aloha!


  2. Hi, Dad!!
    I really enjoyed your perfomances at Lulu’s on 16th, and in Osaka on 6th of May 😉
    I appreciate your big aloha to me.
    Hope to see you again really soon!

  3. Aloha daddy!!!!
    I really had GREAT time in Hiroshima with you guys! Mahalo to come to hiroshima again.

    Let’s see again in yokohama! hehe
    I’m going to Yokohama to see you!!!