Venus Fort, Tokyo

Well here i am writing on my blog from my hotel room in Tokyo Japan! So far we’ve finished 5 shows and we have 8 shows remaining in two more cities so we are just getting started. It’s been great to see all of the people come out and support all of us and the rest of the musicians and dancers; Japan really has some of the best fans anyone could ask for!
So far this trip has been great, we got to meet really great performers who are also on the trip with us and have become very good friends over this short time in Japan. I guess its hard not to get close with awesome people if your spending every day with them hahahah!
This trip hasn’t all been fun and games though, its been very hard work! During the 2nd show on Sunday i had to play a 5 string guitar for four songs…which sounded pretty interesting, but ended up being ok. After watching some of the musicians who perform before jam i know i have alot to learn from them so ill be watching closely to pick up anything i can from them.
Well, i’ve been typing about random stuff and hopefully i’ll have more to write about in a couple days but if you’re in Japan, come and check us out, i promise you wont regret it!!

PS: Pictures will be posted soon on myspace or our website