Fun in Boulder, CO …

We just got back from performing at the University of Colorado’s annual luau, and it was a blast!  The weather was a little cold when we arrived on Saturday, but got warmer as the weekend progressed.  By the time we left Boulder on Monday, it was in the mid-seventies … actually kinda hot!  Boulder’s a great college town that dearly loves its CU Buffaloes – most of the establishments I saw displayed three flags: American, state, and CU!  Alex attended CU during his freshman year, so he took us to places where we had some great burgers, subs, shakes, and Fat Tire microbrew!!  Whoohoo!!  Oh, by the way … finding good eating places is a ManoaDNA priority whenever we go on the road!
dad-colorado-group jpeg
Big MAHALOs to Pua, Ricki(?), R.J., Emily, Amanda, Tyler, ‘Zander, Reid, and all the rest of the gang for making our trip a blast!