Hawaii Music Awards 2008

Like I mentioned early, we are very honored to be nominated for the 2008 Hawaii Music Awards. For those that have never heard of it before, the Hawaii Music Awards are like the Grammys for the music of Hawai’i, except that it is all decided on a public popular vote.

Therefore, we need your help, and your vote! We are nominated for the “Adult Contemporary” Album of the year, for a second year in a row, and are hoping to repeat last year’s victory!

Please click on the banner above, or visit http://www.hawaiimusicawards.com/voting, sign in using your email address and vote. You can vote once per day, per email, but if you have multiple emails, you can vote multiple times! Here are the step by step directions to vote:

1. Visit http://www.hawaiimusicawards.com/voting
2. Sign in using your email address (fake emails will cancel votes)
3. Click the radio button with our “No Place Like Home” CD cover
4. Continue voting, then on the last page enter the code at the bottom and submit.
*Only votes that complete all steps will be counted!

On behalf of my Dad and brother, thank you for all your support! We hope we can repeat last year’s excitement, and that can only happen with your vote!

Aloha, Nick