Happy New Year!

Well, I have been so busy with the newsletters, that I forgot to update all you fans out there in web-land! You have Susan Gordon to thank for setting me straight and getting my butt moving again! Thanks Susan, it was great to meet you last night at Gordon Biersch!

First of all, HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!

We hope that you and your family are enjoying a great start to 2008, and that you all had a safe holiday season!

Anyway, sorry again that I have been slacking, but the holidays got a little nuts. Here’s the latest 411 for all of you:
2008 Hawaii Music Awards: We were nominated for the “Adult Contemporary Album of the Year” category for the awards. I will post an update on that as soon as I can.
MySpace Updated: Our schedule has been updated, so go check that out and come down to one of our upcoming events.
Upcoming Events: We have a couple of major events coming up including Punahou Carnival & Twilight @ Kalahuipua’a on the Big Island. Check back as we finalize those details for more information.

Other than that, we are keeping busy at Gordon Biersch & Lulu’s weekly, so if you are in either of those neighborhoods, come and check us out!

That’s all for now. I will work on more detailed updates of those special events as I get to them