Back up!

Sorry for the delay in restoring our service, we had some trouble on the website switch-over, but all is well now.

You will notice a catchy and informative ad at the beginning, welcoming you to the page. Today, we went down to Cox Radio and recorded our first radio spot. The first segment you hear on is that exact segment. Thanks to Alan Yamamoto for having us in the studio and getting that ad out.

You can hear that same ad during the week, next week, advertising our party, on Hawaiian 105 KINE (105.1 on your O’ahu radio dials). Listen in, then leave us a comment where you heard it!

One Comment

  1. I got the new album a few days ago and it rocks! You guys are definitely one of the best bands in Hawaiian music at the moment (just wanted you guys to know that). I have also heard a few of your new songs on KAPA FM.

    I can’t wait for the next album.