Hey ManoaDNA-ians,

We got some cool new stuff for you all to check out. We are pretty excited to introduce two new features for that continue to add to this wonderful experience.

You can now listen to your favorite Manoa DNA tunes, AND hear live comments from us during the show. We have added our clips to the run, so while you listen to the music, listen for us! We’ll give you the headsup on what’s happening around Manoa DNA!

We have FINALLY opened up our online retail store. With original designs, in countless numbers of styles, you can find anything you are looking for.
Help support us, show your pride, or find a gift, just GO to the store and check us out! If we see you around town with your gear on, then we know you’re a REAL fan!

Two big updates, one post, hope you all enjoy the new features here at It was hard work, but we know you guys will like it. Check ’em out, and see you at a gig!

Manoa DNA