Aloha from Japan!

Nick's Blog 1 November 2014 | Comments Off

Between arriving back in Hawai’i on Sunday, and leaving for Japan yesterday, my body is on a wild jetlag ride! When we got in to Japan, I fell asleep at 4:00 pm, woke up for dinner, went back to sleep at 9:30 pm, woke up at 2:00 am, went back to sleep, and then woke […]

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The Toy Drive Is My Life!

Nick's Blog 13 December 2013 | Comments Off

Aloha Everyone! We’ve been on tour in Japan for the last two weeks, so I apologize for the slow updates! Also, there are some bugs between the new website and the postings to Facebook/Twitter/etc, so I apologize for that as well! This one-man tech team is on the case, but let’s get to the updates! […]

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ALX Blog – Tour and New Album

Alex's Blog 7 October 2012 | Comments Off

Hey TeamDNA! Boy have we been busy! After coming home from my first ever solo concert in Japan we’ve been nonstop working and gigging. We are almost done with our new album called “Sweet Embrace” and will also have it ready for sale on our tour to Japan in November. Speaking of the tour, I […]

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On The Road Again!

Nick's Blog 21 July 2011 | Comments

Welcome to the 2011 edition of our summer tour! Today was the first day of our July tour in Japan and we started with a private promotional seminar with Hawaii Tourism Japan. It was really nice to get back on stage and performing after my two weeks off. We saw a lot of our good […]

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Japan, Here We Come!

Nick's Blog 21 September 2010 | Comments Off

Well, September is in full swing, and that means ManoaDNA is heading back up to Sapporo, Tokyo & Yokohama to finish up their 2010 campaign with Hawaii Tourism Japan! We have enjoyed many long years as representatives of Hawai’i, and it has been a great privilege and experience. We hope to see all of you […]

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Back to the Land of FOOD! :)

Alex's Blog 15 July 2010 | Comments Off

Aloha everyone!! We are officially back to japan on our promotional tour for Hawaii Tourism Japan and our “PURE ALOHA!” CD. It’s so nice to be back even though it seems like we never left from golden week in may. The weather is beautiful, not too hot….yet… Last night we arrived and went straight to […]

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Getting Ready!!

Alex's Blog 26 April 2010 | Comments Off

Today is the day I do everything last minute before our long tour in Japan. Instead of doing things ahead of time, I leave it till the last minute and stress out about it. At least this time I made a list of things to do so I wouldn’t forget anything. Other than that I’m […]

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Back at Home (aka, Back at Work!)

Nick's Blog 10 November 2009 | Comments Off

Well, it was quite the adventure, but I am alive and healthy! Thank you Japan for your wonderful support and Aloha as we journeyed around the country! I will have a vlog for you guys this week, as well as some pictures from our adventures! Just wanted to pass some thanks on to everyone from […]

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Pictures Updated from DoCresc Tour!

Nick's Blog 30 August 2008 | Comments

Fresh off the presses from our last tour with DoCresc, I have uploaded and updated our new photo album with the pictures from that tour! They don’t have captions yet, so you are going to have to be creative and make your own. Hey, why not make up one and post it as a comment?!? […]

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