Worst parking lot

Howzit, peeps.  The votes are in and the parking structure voted the worst in Honolulu belongs to the Hyatt Waikiki.  It is THE worst!  The driveways are so narrow that you often have to stop and back up to let a car come down.  I’m surprised that they haven’t had more head-on collisions in that place!  And forget about the parking stalls themselves .. only Minis and Smart cars can fit in ’em!  I consider myself a pretty good driver but ended up scraping my front bumper trying to squeeze into one of them … and then once you’re parked, you can’t get out of the car because there’s not enough room to open your door!  I know that space is a premium here on the island but that place is ridiculous …

Went to work out yesterday afternoon and ended up on one of the club’s elliptical cardio machines.  This girl gets on the one next to me and starts singing (I think) at the top of her lungs … so I look over and she wearing a pair of earphones hooked up to an mp3 player.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if she could sing, but this chick was AWFUL!!  Why is it that the worst singers in the world also happen to be the loudest??

Alex is still in LA but comes home tomorrow since we have to gig this weekend – Punahou Carnival on Friday, and KKPG on Saturday.  I’m not sure when he’s heading back up but I think it’ll be sometime next week.  Really sounds like he’s having a ball up there … like a kid in a candy store!

Aloha, “D”