Still windy!

‘Morning, everyone!

It’s another gusty Sunday morning here in the valley.  The good news is that the rain seems to have subsided a bit although squalls are still blowing down from the Ko’olaus.  It was great to be back at Lulu’s and Kani Ka Pila Grille this weekend … just like coming home after a long absence.  The last quarter of 2012 was pretty tough on us physically because of a very busy holiday & travel schedule, so Nick is taking some time off.  So it’s just Alex and me this month – ManoaDA – along with Mark on bass.  We’ve got a very busy 2013 ahead so January is really the only month when we have some time for ourselves.  As an entertainer, you always have to be at the top of your game whenever you step on that stage, so it’s really important to take time off to recharge both mentally and physically.

It was my nephew Michael’s birthday last night which also happened to be his yakudoshi.  There are three significant yakudoshi in a man’s life – his 25th, 42nd, and 61st years – years considered especially difficult.  In Japan, a man celebrates his yakudoshi on his 42nd birthday, but over there you’re considered a year old on the day you’re born.  In any case, there was enough partying last night by Mike and his buddies to help ward off the evil spirits for at least the next hundred years!  We also had a lot of our fans from Japan who braved the inclement weather to come down and see us.  Mahalo to all of you … it was a great way to start off 2013!

So now it’s Sunday and I plan on doing absolutely nothing today.  As you know, I haven’t been feeling very well the last few days so to have a whole day off is a real blessing.  The NFL playoffs are on TV today so I’ll probably be a couch potato and spend all day watching it … yup, doing absolutely nothing!  Ahhhh … priceless!

Aloha, “D”