Windy & rainy

Good morning!

It’s 5:30am and still dark outside.  The wind is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets … a perfect start to another gorgeous day in paradise!  I just made a fresh pot of coffee and am sitting at my laptop trying to be as quiet as possible so I don’t wake up the puppies.  Yesterday’s 12/12/12 was pretty uneventful … was expecting to find a million dollars under my bed or something cool like that, but nada.  Oh well, the next big date is Dec. 21st, which is when the proverbial Mayan calendar ends marking the end of all mankind.  I guess that means we all suddenly disappear or something like that …

Instead of my usual Thursday round of golf with my fellow degenerates, I’ll be golfing today with Nick, Alex, and our good friend, Shioji-san.  We’ll be teeing off a little less than an hour before the degenerates so we’ll see them at the “19th” afterward … which could be very dangerous indeed!  Shioji and I always take on the two boys (old vs. young) and we always lose .. must be 7 or 8 straight by now.  We always have a lot of fun, though, even with all the post-game verbal abuse!  Hey, but you never know … today might be the day we old farts finally kick their ass!  NOT!!!

The final two weeks of 2012 will be quite intense … lots of big decisions to be made for both ‘IOLANI and ManoaDNA.  It’s already causing me some sleepless nights … but in the end, no matter what the outcome, it was all meant to be.

Aloha, “D”