Off to Japan Tomorrow!

Aloha everyone, ManoaDNA is off to Japan tomorrow for a small set of shows in Ureshino! I’m really looking forward to it since I we haven’t traveled there in a while (haha, I’m so spoiled ne?). Keep checking up as I will be posting as much updates as I can from the road.

It’s also been exciting times over at the HI*Sessions studio! We have found our dream host in Miss Hawai’i 2012 Skyler Kamaka, and she even let me take this picture in her car! I’m practicing my pageant wave. Look for our show debuting Oct. 26th on KFVE here in Hawai’i and always online at

That’s it for today, I’m off to pack and get ready for our trip! It’ll be back to back trips to Japan with next month’s ‘Ohana Tour. SUPER FUN!