Happy Aloha Monday, everyone!  It was a birthday weekend for me (yeah, yeah … I’m a Leo!) and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than to perform with my boys down at the Kani Ka Pila Grille surrounded by family & friends.  Mahalo to everyone who came down to party with us last Saturday night, and for all of the beautiful lei and birthday wishes!  Love you guys!!

The weekend wasn’t all fun, however … found out why our puppies have been scratching a lot lately.  FLEAS!  I first noticed them early Saturday morning as I was loading some equipment in my car.  I looked down and my legs were covered by these little pests!  Frick!  We had a bad flea infestation many years ago and it took lots of insecticide and close monitoring to get rid of them.  This time Carla immediately went to the vet and picked up some yard spray and I treated the area near our front gate and porch where the fleas seemed to be concentrated.  I’ll probably have to treat the area several times in the next two weeks to make sure I get all of them little bastards …

Carla and I were at ‘IOLANI for a meeting yesterday and after we were done, I decided to go for a run around Kaka’ako Waterfront Park.  It was right around noon and I drove to the Honolulu Club, changed, and jogged to the park and back.  I learned two hard lessons yesterday – first, it’s not a good idea to run at noon because it’s friggin’ HOT!  Second, it’s better to run upwind when you’re still fresh – my return route was upwind and I just about died!  It took a few minutes for the “spots” to finally disappear afterward!  hahaha!

Just finished spraying our driveway area for fleas this morning … little suckers are still around!  If this is a bad one, it’s gonna take about two weeks to a month to finish ’em all off … wish me luck!

Aloha, “D”