Aloha Monday!

Hazzit, peeps!

Start of another week … man, May is almost over and Memorial Weekend is coming up next week!  Is it my imagination or does it seem like this year is also zipping by??  I guess it’s true that the older one gets the faster time goes by and in the end, everything just stops.  But hey, enough with the negative vibes … time to move on to happier stuff!

Alex leaves for Japan this week and then we’ll join him later in Fukuoka.  We’ll be going to Hiroshima to do two performances – a private reception for the Hawai’i – Hiroshima sister-state anniversary celebration, and a concert at the Hiroshima Carp vs. Tokyo Seibu Lions MLB game.  I’m really excited about the baseball game since this will be my first time attending a major league game anywhere!  After we’re done, we head over to Yokohama to do two concerts at Thumbs Up – Fri. 6/1 & Sat. 6/2 – before heading home where I’ll probably do battle with Mr. Jet Lag … again.

Sunday was a great day for me … after taking my mom to breakfast in the morning, we just came home and cruised the rest of the day.  I did go for a jog late in the afternoon … I hadn’t been out in the valley for quite a while and had forgotten how beautiful and vibrant it was, even on a Sunday!   I then went to grab some food at ZPizza in the Ward Centre – a gluten-free pizza for Carla & Linda, and a Mediterranean plate for myself.  Awesome take-out!  After stuffing myself, I went to the freezer to grab a Haagen Daz ice cream bar for dessert and couldn’t believe how tiny the bars were!  I mean these suckers were only 3-4 inches long – including the stick!  I checked the box and was relieved to see that they were the snack-sized version – whew!  I thought my eyes were deceiving me again …

Aloha, “D”


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  1. Naoko(@Hiroshima)

    I Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!! See you soon!!