Day #2

Aloha, everyone!

Another typical first night in Japan … go to bed exhausted at midnight then wake up at 4am and can’t go back to sleep. Since Japan’s timezone is 5 hours behind Hawaii tomorrow (huh?), basically 19 hours ahead, it’s really 9am for me. It usually takes my body about 3-4 days to get adjusted, but since we’re only here for a couple of nights I don’t think I’ll feel any jet lag after we get home … I hope!

This has been unlike any other Japan trip we’ve experienced in the past. Our trips are usually extremely well organized, but this one’s been a little hectic from the get-go and some of the “veterans” have told me that this is typical of the way inaugural flights go. Basically, its pretty chaotic and the only information we received prior to leaving was when the plane was departing … hahaha! No details on hotels, performance times, meals … nada! Amazingly, everything’s been working out thanks to the hard-working Hawaiian Airlines’ staff!

We went to eat ramen at Ippudo, our favorite ramen shop in Fukuoka. It was soooo good! The dashi, or soup base is made from pork and is so flavorful. We also ordered plates of gyoza (fried dumplings) along with large mugs of draft beer. Our friend, Brad Kawakami (yup, same last name), also decided to join us after an exhausting day of doing video shoots of the event.

And so we’re off to another early start this morning with sound check and a performance around noon, and then this trip is done. There may be a chance that we’ll leave tonight instead of tomorrow, but I have to find out what’s going on. Oh well, after a hectic week at Merrie Monarch and this “commando raid” to Fukuoka, I’ll be ready for some serious downtime after we get back! Stay tuned ….

Aloha, “Dad”


  1. i love ippudo too!Welcome to JAPAN! Yokoso Manoa DNA!!
    My name is Ohbuchi (We met @Hyatt:disqus  Waikiki SWIM on 27th March.)Please enjoy your stay in FUKUOKA. ^^

  2. Welcome back to Fukuoka!  Hope to catch you guys later tonight, we’re going Mongolian!