Damn virus!


As usual, Sunday was a do-nothing kinda day so there’s not much to share.  I’m thinking of skipping my Sunday blog altogether … what do you think?  Carla’s sick again … she got a relapse of the cold which she had about a month ago and now sounds like a barking seal.  I remember the boys having the same kind of cough when they were toddlers – I think the medical terminology was croup.  Oh yeah, and Linda is also sick and coughing like no tomorrow so I’m surrounded by sickies!  Help!  Hope I don’t end up with a relapse too .. it would definitely suck since the Merrie Monarch Festival is next week.  One of my squash partners is a physician and he said this particular virus is a pretty stubborn one and can last for weeks.  Oh, great …

And I can’t believe it!  It just happened again!  The rest of this blog just highlighted and disappeared from the screen and into oblivion .. *#@$%*!!  Pardon me while I throw this damn laptop against the wall ….