Happy Aloha Friday!

Good morning!

Nothing much to talk about today other than the fact that it’s BEEYOOOOTIFUL outside!!  Gonna be a busy day for ManoaDNA, though … we have a radio interview and magazine photo shoot this afternoon, and then we’re back at Lulu’s for some pau hana merriment.  We won’t be at Kani Ka Pila Grille tomorrow night due to a special engagement, so I apologize to our fans who were expecting to come down and see us.  We’ll be back there next Saturday, but then head out on the road – first to Hilo for the Merrie Monarch Festival and then to Japan to help celebrate Hawaiian Airlines’ inaugural flight to Fukuoka.  Yup, here we go again …

My golf game sucks .. again!  I don’t know what’s going on but I have no consistency in my game – great drive, bad 2nd shot, good chip, 3-putt!  Ended up with an awful score of 90 … what the @#*% is going on?!!  If it wasn’t for my buddy Paul (whose game sucks worse than mine) I’d be in the poor house!  Gotta figure out what’s wrong and correct it before I have to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house!  Mercifully, I wasn’t able to stick around for the abuse afterward (thank God!) because we were taking my mom to dinner at our favorite watering hole, Tsukuneya.  This was mom’s first time there so the boys ordered all their favorite dishes – sesame salad, garlic edamame (soybeans), fresh tofu, beef tataki, miso soup and rice, tsukune (chicken dumplings on a stick) with mustard and parmesan sauces, and fried bananas and ice cream for dessert.  I, of course, was looking forward to a steaming bowl of my favorite spicy shoyu ramen, but alas … it was no longer on the menu!  Was this some cruel joke?!!   Apparently, there was a menu change and it was replaced with a mabo tofu version – a mixture of pork & tofu in a thick, spicy Chinese-style chili sauce.  WRONG!!  Put that recipe back in the file and bring back my spicy shoyu ramen!!  The people have spoken!!!!

Have a nice day!

Aloha, “D”