Another Monday ….

Aloha, everyone!

It’s another beautiful Monday morning here in Manoa Valley and the start of another great week.  Meanwhile, I’m still fighting this damn cold which now have my sinuses totally blocked.  Like I said yesterday, it made for some interesting moments during this past weekend’s performances because I couldn’t hear a damn thing.  You could say that I brought new meaning to the phrase “creative harmonies” (also known as a vocal train wreck!  hahaha!)  In any case, I’m gonna try and lay low for the next couple of days … sure don’t want to get anyone else sick!

MDNA performed at the Rainbow For Japan Kids fundraiser last night at the Hawai’i Convention Center along with Hawai’i’s Chiyo Flynn and Japan’s Muneyuki Sato and Daizo Koshiba.  The latest group of kids from the Tohoku area were there as the guests of honor and brought along the new ukuleles which they made at the Okami family’s KoAloha Ukulele factory.  It was really cool to see them play their new instruments as we all joined together to sing “Ue O Muite” for the finale.  Although we couldn’t stay for the reception afterward, I really enjoyed the event (that is, whenever I wasn’t sneezing or blowing my nose!) and I want to send a big mahalo to all the organizers for inviting us to participate – great job, everyone!

Aloha, “D”