Now it’s the wind ….

Wow … first the rain, now the wind!  The gusts were so strong that they knocked over the old basketball pole in our backyard which was anchored in the ground with cement!  Sure hope our old avocado tree doesn’t blow over too … that would definitely suck since it’s right next to our house!  I really thought things were finally settling down … yesterday started out beautiful – clear, dry, and sunny – and then the wind started picking up in the afternoon and the stormy conditions returned.  We’ve sure had some pretty intense weather this week … Mother Nature on steroids!

The weather didn’t stop us from performing at The Swim over at the Hyatt Waikiki, however.  Instead of being outside, we performed in the lounge area which was a lot more intimate and definitely drier!  I really applaud the Hyatt for all the effort they’re putting in to try and make The Swim a viable music venue.  The location is somewhat of a challenge (3rd floor pool deck), but once there you have a fantastic view of the beach and Kalakaua Avenue.  They have a new menu and all parking is validated so please come check it out the next time you’re in Waikiki.  And finally, I want to send a big mahalo out to our Yokohama friends, Yumi and Chinami, and also to Yutaka and Pele Reiko for braving the stormy weather and stopping by …

Aloha, “D”