Feb. 29th – Leap Day!

Aloha, everyone!

It’s Wednesday, Feb. 29th.  And since 2012 is a Leap Year, today is considered a Leap Day because rumor has it that we need an extra day every 4 years or so to bring our calendar back into alignment with the earth’s revolutions around the sun (or something weird like that).  In any case, you single guys better watch out … apparently, this is the day that women can propose to men!  So does this mean that the woman buys her own engagement ring?!  Dream on, boy-san ….

Went to Boot Camp class yesterday after work and got my butt kicked again!  Not as sore today, though … but that’s what I said last week and by the end the day I could hardly walk!  Because I’d been playing squash all these years, I always thought I was in pretty good shape … but what I didn’t realize was that you only use certain muscles in squash and although it’s a great aerobic workout, it’s the same routine day after day.  So you can imagine my surprise when I was tanked after only 15 minutes of my first boot camp class and then walked funny for the next few days!  The one-hour class is very intense and you pretty much work the entire body while varying the aerobic intensity.  Boy, I never realized what a weak and out-of-shape wimp I was!  (p.s. – I noticed on the schedule that it’s now called “Boot Camp – Extreme!” … NOW you tell me!)

Our Jack Russel terrier, Buster, is 16 years old … the cute little guy is almost deaf and blind but still has enough energy to hump a sofa pillow every now and then.  And because he can’t see or hear, he has to rely on his acute sense of smell which can result in some funny stuff.  For instance, just now we heard him barking in Linda’s bedroom and when we went to check it out, found him barking at her empty bed … what the?!  Well, his nose probably told him that Linda was still in bed (she was in the kitchen) and he wanted her to get up and take him for his walk.  This has become a regular occurrence … barking at empty chairs, sofas – you name it.  Shouldn’t laugh, though … that’ll probably be me in a few years!

Have a great Leap Day!