Brrrrrr ….

Man, it’s cold this morning!  Seems like the rain and winds have finally stopped and the skies are clearing but there must be a cold front hitting our islands.  I went outside to get the newspaper and the air was cool and moist and filled with the fragrant scent of our neighbor’s pua kenikeni blossoms … just another gorgeous Manoa Valley morning!

Last night our Shochu Kai group gathered for it’s quarterly shochu tasting event.  Everyone brings their favorite bottle of shochu for tasting and judging, and at the end of the night a winner is declared.  My favorite didn’t win – it was a shochu made from imo, or potato, which usually has a stronger flavor than others made from rice, barley, wheat, etc..  It’s interesting how many different varieties there are and the wide range of tastes among the members.  Alex joined us near the end and also got to sample some of the different shochu, some of which he found “interesting”.  All in all, another great Shochu Kai and I want to send a big mahalo out to my pal Leon for all his hard work in organizing another successful event!

Aloha, “D”