Rain & Wind!

Hi guys ..

Stormy weather is back and this time it’s blowing in from the southwest.  I even heard there were flash flood alerts posted for the west side of O’ahu … hmmmm, serious stuff!  I was supposed to take my Japan friends golfing yesterday but we got rained out and instead, had a nice leisurely lunch while watching curtains of rain blow in from the ocean.  There were still some diehard golfers out on the course but I’m sure they got super soaked & muddy … not my idea of a perfect golf day!  Here in Manoa, it’s still pretty windy but the rain seems to have stopped so maybe we’ve seen the worst of it.  Whoops – talked too soon – here it comes again …

Last night we were invited over to Sarah’s house to celebrate her birthday with some awesome Hawaiian grinds – laulau, lomi salmon, kalua pig, chicken long rice, pipikaula, poke, poi, and the most delicious birthday cake with Roselani Dairy’s haupia ice cream!  Although I love Hawaiian food, for some reason I don’t get to eat it as often as I’d like to .. probably because I always eat too much and become an instant couch potato after I’m done.  It’s SOOOO good, though!  Happy birthday and mahalo, Sarah, for inviting us to join in your celebration!

Aloha, “Pops”