What’s Your Resolutions?

Happy new year everyone! Both traditional and Chinese versions! 大展鴻圖!

As the first blog post of 2012, I ask you what your resolutions are because I am still unsure myself. Of course there is the traditional, “eat better,” “make more time for friends,” “drink less,” blah, blah, blah. But this year, I’m thinking much more philosophical: expanding what you have and maximizing your potential (wow, very inspirational, yah?!). I’m serious though, because ManoaDNA is at a crossroads in 2012. With no travel support from the state of Hawai’i, and changes happening internally, this is a great opportunity for us to expand what we know and do and make it a great year! This will be the first time we coordinate our own tours, fight for our path, and try to create a true ManoaDNA experience for each and everyone (including us)! It’s very exciting.

However, I will admit, this does come with some trepidation. There are a lot more unknowns, and there is a lot more responsibility and liability placed on our shoulders. Hopefully, the relationships we have built over the years are genuine, and the work we put in was not a waste. I am a planner by nature, but even I cannot predict what will happen.

So, after 201 words, what is my point, right? I really just want to wish everyone good luck with whatever your resolutions are in 2012. I know we’re all ready for prosperity, wealth, health, and a clean soul, but just remember, that it’s going to take work.

Hey, the Mayans said the world is supposed to end this year anyway, right? Why not make it worth it!