Aloha from Missouri!

Aloha, everyone!

Well, I could tell everything was back to normal yesterday.  The traffic was gridlocked and people were impatiently tailgating each other while texting or talking on their cell phones … so much for the relaxing holidays!  Things were busy at the IOLANI store as we greeted fans from Sapporo and the mainland U.S. who came by to see us.  It’s a little unusual for us to meet fans from the mainland since we’ve had very little exposure there and also because our primary focus has been Japan for the past several years.  We’re always asked about ManoaDNA’s plans to come to the mainland, but our schedule’s been so tight that we really haven’t had the time to plan anything.  This year, however, we definitely want to perform somewhere on the mainland … so hopefully we’ll see you guys soon!

I want to send a big MAHALO out to Stacia for the awesome brandy-soaked chocolate covered cherries which she personally handmade for us!    She said the cherries were soaked in brandy for something like 48 hours (yikes!) … so they were pretty potent but SO delicious!  I made sure we didn’t drive afterward because I didn’t want anyone to get busted for D.U.I. (ha ha, just kidding!)!  She and her boyfriend (both college teachers from Missouri) visit Hawai’i every year and are great fans of ManoaDNA.  But since we’re still on our holiday break, they weren’t able to see us perform on this trip (sorry!).  But I promise that we’ll be there the next time you’re here … and thank you again for those delicious chocolates!

I also want to send all my aloha to the latest group of Rainbow for Japan Kids who were here visiting over the holidays.  Our good friend, DJ Pele Reiko was helping to host the group made up of kids from Japan’s Tohoku region, the area devastated by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.  I hope they had a great time and wish them a safe journey home …

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Aloha, “D”