A star is born!

Hey, peeps!  Went to Lulu’s last night to watch Alex, Mark (bass), and Seann (drums) and it was pretty awesome!  Alex has developed his solo act into a neat little package with Mark & Seann, and the trio is called “AK and the Sunshine”.   They also have the nickname “Leftees” because they’re all left-handed – even Jack Ofoia, good friend and great guitarist who sometimes sits in with Alex, is also left-handed … what the?!!  I don’t know when Alex will be doing his next solo live, but be sure to check out this “diamond in the rough” … you won’t be disappointed!  And a big mahalo to all of our family and friends who came down to support the boys last night …

We had another fun session with our pals, DJ’s Pele Reiko & Hiroko Iijima, over at Studio Rim yesterday.  Reiko gave me some golf tees which her friend from Osaka, Sayano-san, created and wanted us to try out.  Since I will be playing with the DNA golf club tomorrow, I’ll test ’em out because I’m real picky when it comes to my golf equipment.  After all, I have to blame something when I shoot a lousy score!  Haahaha!

We’ll all be back together at the Kani Ka Pila Grille tonight as ManoaDNA takes the stage once again, so come on down and join us … you never know who you’re going to see or what you’re going to hear!

Aloha, “D”