Thursday golf!

Boy, I can’t believe how beautiful our summer has been!  This has to be one of the coolest summers that I can remember in quite a few years … I don’t know what’s causing it but I hope the heat and humidity continues to stay away!  We in Hawai’i are very fortunate to have the cool tradewinds every day … and you don’t really appreciate it until you go somewhere like Japan where the summer is very hot and humid.  Like the saying goes, “Lucky we live Hawai’i!”

I had breakfast with Wayne Harada the other morning.  Nicknamed, “Mr. Entertainment”, Wayne was the entertainment editor for the Honolulu Advertiser for over 40 years … he says he’s “retired”, but still writes a weekly blog and Sunday column for the StarAdvertiser.  He’s been a great friend and supporter of ManoaDNA over the years, but did you know that he is also an origami (Japanese paper folding) expert?!  For many years, he’s made these cool greeting cards featuring this delicate art which is now available exclusively at our IOLANI on KONA ST. store.  Each one is personally autographed by Wayne and represents everything we love about our local lifestyle here in the islands.  You gotta come and check his stuff out ….

Boy, it seems like our streets are getting crazier every day – yesterday, I saw this idiot motorcyclist zoom up a sidewalk to get around some traffic!  I mean, this moron almost hit a couple of pedestrians!  Where are the cops when you need ’em??!!  (now, now, Lloyd … take it easy .. remember, you just got over jet lag … happy place, happy place…)

Since it’s Thursday, I’ll be joining my fellow “degenerates” (as we’ve been aptly nicknamed) for our weekly afternoon battle out on the links.  I hope I still have the swing from last week – I call it the “jet lag swing” – or it could get pretty ugly for me, so wish me luck!  Afterward, I’ll be joining Alex & Nick over at Dave & Buster’s in the Ward Entertainment center where we’ll be judging one of C&K’s “Battle of the Bands” contests which is being held there every Thursday this month.  The final winner gets to be the opening act for C&K’s annual Labor Day concert.

Aloha, “D”