The battle is WON!!

Good morning, everyone!  I’m happy to say that the evil jet lag monster has been defeated once again … well, almost!  I’m back to my normal sleeping schedule (still wake up a little late, though), and I feel much better mentally & physically.  This last trip really took a lot out of me … not only did I have trouble adjusting to the different time zones, but my body also felt like I had just run a marathon – very achy and tired.  Anyways, it’s much better now so I should be less grumpy ….

The only good thing about the jet lag is that it seems to have improved my golf game immensely!  On Thursday I shot an 82 and on Saturday, an 80!  I don’t know why … maybe my swing was more relaxed because I was so tired and my brain was dead … whatever it was I hope it continues!  The only thing that sucked was my putting … it was as if I had a baseball bat in my hands instead of a putter!  And trying to putt with the touch of an elephant didn’t help either since I couldn’t get the ball anywhere near the cup and ended up 3-putting quite a few greens …

Saturday night also marked our return to Kani Ka Pila and many friends and family came down to welcome us home!  The evening was also extra special because our pals Linda Nelson and Eddie Kamae were there with their friends to celebrate their birthdays!  I could tell the boys and I were still a little jet lagged because we had a hard time getting back in the music “groove” when we started, but after a while everything just sort of fell into place and off we went!

Sunday was a very mellow day for me … we had a birthday brunch at Waialae for Linda and then I took the rest of the day off to just do nothing.  For dinner we ended up ordering some Mexican takeout from Serg’s Mexican Kitchen here in Manoa, and then I watched a video of “The Last Samurai” before hitting the sack.

Now it’s Monday and I’m feeling pretty good … I’M BAAAAACCCK!!!

Aloha, “D”