Just got done eating some chicken katsu curry from Taiyo Ramen …. very onolicious!  The kim chee side dish was a little too sweet for my taste, though … I prefer it a little “sour” with a lot more kick.  The huge portions of fried chicken filets smothered with spicy curry really make us local boys very happy!

Got some bad news on Monday .. Marilyn “Tutu” Ane, the matriarch of one of Punahou’s well-known families, passed away in her sleep Sunday night.  I had just seen her at the Punahou Alumni luau on Saturday, laughing, singing, so full of life and aloha.  Even after she retired from teaching kindergarten, Tutu could still be seen on campus helping out her daughter, Malia, a 3rd grade teacher (Nick, Alex, and my nephew Michael were her students).  Her son, Kale, Punahou’s athletic director, was also my classmate.  She will be sorely missed by all … 

It was another busy day at IOLANI yesterday which included a visit by a group of hula dancers from Sendai.  They had come to Hawai’i to perform as a way of thanking the people of Hawai’i for helping Japan after the tsunami disaster.  They even presented ManoaDNA with a beautiful hand-written letter of thanks and performed two hulas for us right there in our store!  It was so touching … I want to send a HUGE mahalo to Yoko sensei and her students for their wonderful, wonderful gesture!  When Nick and I visited the evacuation shelters in Sendai last April, Yoko sensei and one of her students were there with us.

Aloha, “D”