Weekend recap!

Aloha, peeps!  Can you believe all the rain, thunder, and lightning we had on Friday & Saturday?!!  And especially the lightning … the sky was so lit up on Saturday night that it was like a scene from a Frankenstein movie!  Quite an awesome display of Mother Nature’s power …

Ok, let’s see … oh yeah, on Saturday afternoon Carla & I attended our designer Wakaha’s wedding at the Waialae Country Club.  I also had the great honor of “giving” the bride away since her parents are in Japan and weren’t able to attend.  I was really concerned that the weather was going to create problems, but the gods were kind and the skies were clear during the wedding ceremony before clouding back up again.  I had to split right after the ceremony to join the boys at Kani Ka Pila, so I couldn’t stay for the reception which Carla said turned out great!  I’m so happy for Wakaha & Kiet … may you have a long and happy life together!

And yesterday was our monthly MDNA golf outing – this time, it was out at the Ko Olina Golf Club where my friend and former Waialae pro, Greg Nichols, is the head pro and g.m.  Although I still had trouble getting off the tee, my chipping and putting seemed to be working so I was able to scramble for a score of 82.  The course seemed a little “friendlier” too because the winds were very light and coming from the southwest … usually there are strong northeast tradewinds that make the course much harder and challenging.  My cart partner, Tony, brought along some apple bananas which he and his neighbor grow in their yards.  These little bananas are SO sweet … they make the regular Chiquita bananas taste like cardboard!

After I got home, we ordered some late dinner from Bangkok Chef here in Manoa – basil chicken, red curry, pad thai noodles, and sticky rice.  I really love all the basil they put in their dishes, but the bamboo shoots are a bit much … I think they use it as a “filler” so sometimes the dishes are almost all bamboo!  The flavoring is decent, however, and the sticky rice is also a good side dish.

I tried to stay up to watch “The Unit”, especially since it was one of my favorite episodes, but passed while watching “Family Guy” ….

Aloha, “D”