Beware Animals & Beer, I’m back!

So many witty titles, so little space!

10 days/240 hours/14,400 minutes/864,000 seconds after my pledge to better my health, and here I am. It’s been a long journey, complete with grumpiness, withdrawals and second guessing, but I have finished it!

My ten day challenge began with the most honest of intentions and determination. I wanted to better myself, lose some weight, and regain the control over my diet that I once possessed. The plan was simple: no land animal products, and no alcohol.

During the first week, it was all about controlling cravings and dealing with the withdrawals. My body was so used to a beer or two after work, that I became grumpy and irritable at the most mundane situations. I had to remind myself (for the protection of the relationships around me) that it was the diet, and was not truly how I felt.

The second week was quite the opposite, a strange calm came over my body that allowed me to finally be rid of the control my diet had on me. I didn’t need a beer after work, I didn’t need dessert after dinner, I didn’t need the milk or the chicken or the pork in my food. Now I am back in control, and it’s very satisfying to me.

I want to thank you all for allowing me to post my results on here. It made me even more determined knowing people were watching my actions. I know even some people like @ChieRieko even went along with me, and I hope they experienced a change in a similar fashion.

Anyway, back to ManoaDNA programming…