Squash is back … sort of.

Aloha, peeps!  I went to the Honolulu Club yesterday to play squash for the first time in several months.  Although my game sucked and I was in dire need of oxygen after only one game, my wrist felt pretty good … there’s a little stiffness this morning, but nothing major. I’m going to rest it today and tomorrow (golf) and then give it another go on Friday … but don’t worry, I’m gonna take it real slow!

Nick and I had a lunch meeting yesterday at Stage, which is located right across from IOLANI on Kapiolani Blvd.  It’s quiet, and the food is good – perfect place for a meeting!  My favorite dish is the poke – it’s different from the traditional poke because Stage’s dish includes avocado, peanuts, and other ingredients which give it a unique but delicious twist.  Another favorite of mine is their pastrami sandwich – a huge pile of thinly sliced pastrami on a soft potato roll, seasoned just right!  Mmmmm …  (I must be feeling better if all I can think about is food!)  I then stopped off at Zippy’s on my way home last night to pick up a late dinner – big mistake!  I hadn’t eaten anything there in quite a while, and ended up ordering their hamburger steak which is usually pretty decent.  Well, either my taste expectations have gone up or their standards have gone down because it was awful!  The only thing good about Zippy’s last night was the new uniforms the employees were wearing, even though they were not IOLANI! :-))

Aloha, “D”