Another rainy Sunday!

It’s about 6am Sunday morning and it’s pouring rain outside!  I’m sitting here at my laptop with a hot cup of coffee for the first time in over a week … ahh, it’s great to feel almost normal again!  I plan to rest the whole weekend and rid myself of any remnants of last week’s virus.  And even though the fever’s been gone since Thursday night, I still woke up the last two nights drenched in sweat … must be my body trying to get rid of all the dead germs!

I’m going to get some take-out at my favorite breakfast place here in Manoa – Andy’s Sandwiches & Smoothies.  For those of you who haven’t read our past blogs or heard our “Discover Aloha with ManoaDNA” Nagoya radio show, Andy’s is one of ManoaDNA’s favorite places to get breakfast and lunch here on O’ahu.  They’re a small mom & pop deli that serves THE freshest and tastiest sandwiches – my favorite being the smoked ahi salad w/ avocado, cheese, sprouts, and tomato!  And their breakfasts are to die for .. especially Andy’s banana pancakes and his special omelettes – they both come in huge portions and are sooo ono!  (You can tell I’m feeling better because I’m already talking about food!)

Alex & Nick took the boat out to Heeia Kea yesterday afternoon to go fishing, and even though they didn’t catch anything I’m sure they had a lot of fun.  I have to make it a point to start going back out on the boat again … I sort of miss the late afternoons out on the bay, enjoying an ice-cold beer while watching the sun set behind the majestic Ko’olau mountains.  Back then the boys were still little so Carla & I used to take them out to sand bar in the middle of the bay almost every weekend to picnic & swim … boy, life was so simple back then wasn’t it?  I miss it …

Aloha, “D”