Chicago Part Two

Five days in Chicago, Illinois allowed me to pack a lot of stuff into the schedule. So for your sanity (and mine), I have broken down the Chicago trip into three parts. Today, is part two!

After a great night of Brazilian steak, it was time to test my nerves and head up to the Skydeck and “The Ledge” at the Willis Tower. Known previously as the Sears tower, the Willis Tower is now home to an attraction called, “The Ledge,” which is basically a glass box hanging off the side of the building. Glass walls, glass ceiling, and glass floor. It was pretty awesome!

After defying death and seeing a 360 degree view of Chicago, it was time to pay homage to one of my great childhood heroes, Michael Jordan.

Home to the most complete T-Rex fossil in the world, the Field Museum was pretty cool. This is Sue, the T-Rex, and it is pretty incredible. Walking up and looking straight into the eyes of a T-Rex would be terrifying. I’ve seen Jurassic Park, but until you see the size of these animals in person, you have no idea.

One of the highlights of all highlights for my trip was an adventure to Wrigley field. Now, alone, visiting the Cubs at Wrigley was on my “bucket list” of things to do before I die. However, this was more magical because I got to see the Cubs play my favorite team, the Braves! And they won! Plus, I got to drink Chicago’s Old Style Lager and eat a Chicago Hot Dog!!! What a great day!

That’s all for today folks, part one of my Chicago adventure. If you want to see all the pictures from my trip to Chicago, friend me on Facebook. Stay tuned as I will update the rest of the trip later. Hope you enjoyed it, and see you in Chicago!


  1. Looks like you had a good time here! I still have to go on The Ledge. Also, I hope you didn’t put ketchup on that hot dog…