Pakele Live! tonight

ALOHA KAKAHIAKA! OHAIYOGOZAIMASU! GOOD MORNING!  WASSSSUUUP?!  Ok .. now that I’ve gotten your attention,  I want to remind you that MDNA will be performing at the Pakele Lounge in the Ala Moana Hotel tonight at 6pm on Pakele Live!.  So please come on down and check it out – we’ll be performing some of the new tracks off of our new “EVOLUTION” CD due to be released in the stores on June 29th .. you won’t be disappointed!

We did a walk-thru inspection of our new IOLANI on KONA ST. project yesterday, and I have to admit – it’s really looking good!  The official opening of our store will be on July 9th, and everyone is working hard in preparation for that special day!  I’m so proud of Carla – she’s been the captain of this project from Day One and has put her heart and soul into it.  I hope you all will get to see what a beautiful job she’s done!   Nick & Alex have also been hard at work installing the monitor & speaker systems and building some of the store fixtures.  I’ll start posting pics as we get closer to the opening date …

And yes, it’s Thursday which means one thing – afternoon golf!  I know, I know … what about the wrist?!  Well, you know me – no pain, no gain!!!  GAMBARIMASHOOO!!!!

Aloha, “D”