Excitement’s building!

Good morning!  Boy, there are so many things going on this week that I don’t know where to begin!  I’ve got meetings all day today for IOLANI’s store opening in July, plus ManoaDNA rehearsals this evening for our Pakele Live! show on Thursday and for Twilight on the Big Island on Saturday, plus making preparations for our upcoming July tour to Japan with HTJ!  So .. you can see that things are pretty crazy in the Kawakami household, but it’s way better than just sitting around and doing nothing!

I love Costco!  We started drinking the Dunkin’ Donuts brand of coffee lately, and  Costco sells huge (2.5 lbs.) bags of it at a very low price.  The 56 ounce bag of M&M peanut candy that Alex got us also came from Costco, so if you can justify buying things in large quantities, then Costco is the store for you!  And I also love the hot dog and drink combo which they sell at their outdoor snack bar!

Aloha, “D”