Saturday, 6/5

Good morning, everyone!  It’s another early start for ManoaDNA – we have a radio interview with Perry & Price this morning to promote our Wildest Show concert at the zoo next Wednesday, then we perform at the 125th Anniversary of the Kanyaku Imin down at Iolani Palace before heading on over to Kani Ka Pila Grille for our regular Saturday slot.

It was a fun, but weird night at Lulu’s last night.  For some reason the sound really sucked – it doesn’t help that the acoustics are bad and that Lulu’s sound system is the worst.  I don’t understand why venues don’t spend the money on installing a good live sound system if they plan on featuring live music.  It’s like giving a chef a microwave and hot plate and telling him to cook a gourmet meal!  ‘Nuff said about that …. anyway, we still had a great time and want to thank everybody who came down to party with us!  Mahalo!

Aloha, “D”