Relaxing Sunday …

Hey everybody (yawn!) .. just woke up to the sound of a puppy “stampede” through our bedroom.  I swear these guys know exactly what time they’re supposed to be fed and walked … they’ve got us trained pretty well!  Kani Ka Pila was a BLAST last night!  It’s so good to come back to our “home” at the Outrigger Reef and see all of our friends & family gathered to welcome us back!  Mahalo to you all for joining us … we really love you guys!  And Nick was back with us after missing Lulu’s on Friday due to illness, so our vocals were back to full strength.  Seann & Mark were awesome as usual, as were Pat and Sarah on the hula ….

I’m not sure how I did it, but I seem to have injured my right wrist.  It’s only painful when I move it a certain way but it’s really bad.  I’m going to try and play some squash this morning and see if I can tough it out … boy, it sucks getting old!  Afterward, I’m taking the girls to The Kahala hotel for Sunday brunch at the Plumeria Cafe.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a really nice place to sit and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially outside on the terrace right by the beach.

Happy Memorial Weekend!!!  Be safe!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Please take care of your wrist. Didn’t you snap your fingers a lot last night?

    • Hi Misa-chan!
      Yes, I was snapping my fingers during THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, but my wrist doesn’t hurt when I do that. It’s only painful when
      I move it in certain ways, but then the pain is really bad!
      Aloha, “D”

  2. NORIKO and MANA

    It was good that Nick was back to MDNA, but I’m worried about your wrist.
    Yesterday,I went to planetarium to see the event of the starry sky of HAWAII.
    I saw the southern cross and many stars which made me imaged of sawing those stars at the night of North Shore beach.
    I became really missing of Hawaiian stars!
    After that,the way we go back to my home,I saw ” Yamachan”!
    I have’nt try’Yamachan’ before,so I wanna try it
    near the future! I’m looking foward to try it. Until that, I ‘ll watch Alex’s video blog☆

    By the way, I went to Manoa, I went to Waioli Tea Room. There are beautiful garden!
    Beautiful birds and beautifuled many kind of flowars.
    It’s like a heaven♥
    when I ‘ll go back to Hawaii ,I’ll go to Plumeria cafe too♪♪

    Thank you for your wrtting blogs. I enjoy reading it every day.
    Mahalo \.(^ワ^)

    with Aloha, Noriko .

    • Hi Noriko-san!
      Thank you so much for your nice email! My wrist is still very painful, but I am hoping that it will eventually get better.
      You have to try Yama-chan .. it is so delicious and it’s Alex’s favorite!
      Did you have a chance to eat at the Waioli Tea Room restaurant? The food is good and our friend Brian is the owner … maybe on your next visit, ne?
      Mahalo, “D”

  3. NORIKO and MANA

    Thank you for your massage!
    How about your wrist?
    Now, Japan is 1 am, but I just went back to my home!(*0*)
    I’ve been busy during these few months, and I’m really tired.
    So, I really relaxed by your melodies♥And I also relaxed now and reading your
    blogs(^ ○^)♪
    By the way, I went to Waioli tea room last year, and I enjoyed teas and cakes at that time.
    We were suprised at the size of cakes(good surprise!),
    but these cakes were so delicious and really cute♥
    There stuffs were all kindly and they made a really cute birthday decolation of our request on the cake.
    It’s Mana’s birthday, so it become a memorable day for us. Please tell Brian to our thanks!!
    I hope I’ll go there again, and at that time, I wanna eat food too!(^ ^)
    with much Aloha,Noriko