Aloha, Yuko!

‘Morning, peeps!  Damn neighbor’s dog started barking early this morning which got our dogs all lit up and agitated … oh well, so what’s new?!  Man, I ate so much after I got home from Lulu’s last night that I’m still full this morning!  I ate a Zippy’s chili & frank plate along with some Terra veggie chips, then finished it all off with a handful of malted milk Easter eggs!  Burp!  I think I’ll go play some squash today to try and burn some of those calories off ….

Fun, fun, fun at Lulu’s last night … our good friends from Studio Rim radio had a farewell gathering for Yuko, a member of their team.  Yuko will be relocating back to Japan and we hope to see her when we’re in Tokyo next month.  Thanks to Reiko, Sarah, Hiroko, and the rest of the gang for making it a fun night for us!  Mahalo to Pat & Clare for wowing the crowd with their hula, and also to Pali, Sachi, Wakaha, Michi, Kie, Yukari, Sae, and Shion for coming down!  Of course I can’t forget our buddies, Misa and Mina … but we really miss Yutaka!!  And finally, there was a homeless guy who dropped in and offered to pay us $100 to play a song (I can’t remember the title)!  Yeah, right …

Anybody see the Advertiser’s Island Music section yesterday?  The writer quoted Nick but called him “Nathan” by mistake!  hahaha!  She must’ve been thinking of hot dogs …    Anyway, we won’t be at KKP tonight because we’re performing at a wedding out at the Kualoa Ranch for our good friends, the Morgans.   The groom,Jason, was Nick’s classmate at Punahou ….

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Thank you very much for your posting!!
    Japan is sooooo cold like winter and I’m surprised at the weather.
    Please say aloha to Manoa DNA team and see in Tokyo!