IOLANI Remodel Video

For those of you who are not able to follow our radio show broadcasting on 79.5 Radio-i in Nagoya, Japan, “Manoa DNA Reports” is a segment from our show where we report about places or events around town and share them with our radio listeners. I am going to try and follow up here on my blog on those reports, so if you see this header, that’s what’s up.

Following up on our weekly radio show, here I am reporting Live! from the IOLANI factory build. After more then 50 years of creating a great tradition in Hawai’i, IOLANI is now moving into a new era with their very first retail store. Right now, it is just a bare-bone shell of a room, but there is a lot in store! Watch as I walk you through the initial look and give you a sneak peek into things that will come!

For more information on IOLANI and the upcoming opening of the IOLANI retail store, head over to

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  1. Hi Nick!
    I know about your radio show. It sounds VERY cool.
    But unfortunately I can’t listen to it in my area (Kansai).
    Do hope I can listen to it in the near future and I am
    looking forward to visiting NEW Iolani Store next time I come to Hawaii!!!!! 🙂

    Me ke aloha,